Reiki Jin Kei Do UK

The Way of Compassion and Wisdom

Events 2015

Dorset Quarterly Open Meditation Group and Buddho Support Group.

Open to Buddho and Jin Kei Do trained students. Also Meditation and mantra session open to anyone. This will comprise 3 one hour sessions.

Session1: 9-10am Meditation/Mantras for anyone. This will be a taster and introduction to the energy of the Tantric Buddho system one of the original Buddhist Tantric Systems which eventually (in its development within Asia) gave rise to Japanese Reiki. In 2016 Tony may start to incorporate some Integral Theory and Practise into the second part of this session. Please view section 2 (worldview section)of the Healing Space website for more information on Integral Theory/Philosophy.

Session 2: 10-11am Meditation, Qigong, Information/News. Questions/Answers, for All JinKei Do trained students/practitioners.

Session 3: 11-12pm Meditation/Mantras/Chi Nadi practise. For Stage 2 EnerSense practitioners.

Venue: Broadstone Community & Arts Centre, Dunyeats Road, Broadstone, Dorset, BH188AB.

The next quarterly share meditation session/s will be on Saturday 5th December 2015. For further details please contact Tony Birdfield or to book a place if you wish to attend. Cost will be £3 per individual session, £4 for 2 sessions, £5 for 3 sessions. CPD Certificates available (£1) please order on booking. All profits will be donated to Reiki Jin Kei Do UK.