Reiki Jin Kei Do UK

The Way of Compassion and Wisdom

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Reiki Jin Kei Do UK has been set up to help promote and support the spiritual teachings and practices of the lineage of Reiki Jin Kei Do that were passed on from Mikao Usui, Dr Chujiro Hayashi, Sensei Takeuchi, Seiji Takamori and the current lineage head; Dr Ranga Premaratna.

Reiki Jin Kei Do has its own distinctive expression of Reiki practice. Here in the UK, a committed group of Masters and Practitioners have come together to create an organisation that’s designed to address the specific needs and orientation to practice of the lineage and to provide opportunities for mutual support, spiritual growth and networking.

The group was active for a few years and, at the moment, is in its dormant state; however many events are still happening in UK